Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rolla Fire & Rescue to conduct annual business inspections

Beginning March 1 the City of Rolla firefighters will soon be visiting every commercial business in the City of Rolla as part of their fire and safety inspection program.
“Firefighters will be conducting annual safety and familiarization inspections in the coming weeks to ensure commercial businesses and multi-family dwellings comply with city, state and national codes,” said Ron Smith, Training Officer with the City of Rolla Fire & Rescue Department.
The goal of the program, said Smith, is to ensure a safe atmosphere for those who work at, patronize or visit a business in Rolla. In addition, the inspections will allow firefighters to familiarize themselves with the layout of a building, which is important in it catches fire or incurs some type of massive damage.
Items the inspection crews will focus on include occupants’ life safety issues, such as:
  • Fire extinguishers, location, number, and condition
  • Excessive use of extension cords
  • Excessive rubbish, trash, or debris
  • Fire alarm, sprinkler and/or commercial kitchen extinguishing systems
  • Clear exit paths
  • Functioning exit signage and lighting
  • Exposed wiring or defective heating systems or combustibles stored too close
During the inspection, fire personnel will update contact information that is used for emergency purposes only. The inspection also provides an opportunity to interact and educate business owners of the requirements of fire and life safety issues.
At the conclusion of each inspection, business owners will be provided a copy of the inspection form noting the corrections needed or any recommendations such as the installation of a fire extinguisher, certification of an alarm system, or any other helpful fire safety items or tips.
If there are any corrections required, the inspecting firefighter will conduct additional re-inspections.
“Our visits are more than just a thorough fire safety inspection,” said Smith. “We also assist you with evacuation plans and employee safety programs.”
For more information, please visit www.rollacity.org or call the City of Rolla fire & Rescue Administration at 573-364-3989.

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