Thursday, August 22, 2013

Regional Mayors Meet to Share Ideas

Mayor Jenks and the City of Rolla were pleased to host visiting Mayors from South Central MO to a networking opportunity and tour of The Centre and the new Public Services Facility.   The effort was started earlier this year by Mayor Anderson of Lebanon and Mayor Hardman of Waynesville suggesting periodic meetings of the region’s leadership.  “It is a great opportunity for the Mayors of our region to gather and share ideas and information.  We have much to learn from one another if we are open to dialog and cooperation – affecting issues at both the local and State level” said Rolla Mayor William S. Jenks.   

Recycling vs Landfill

The City of Rolla Environmental Services Dept. encourages residents and businesses to take advantage of the City’s excellent recycling program. Did you know that last year the City of Rolla landfilled more than 1,665 tons of trash than the previous year? That is about 238 fully loaded trash trucks! Yet recycling efforts remained relatively the same, increasing by a mere 153 tons for the year. We need to turn these numbers around, start recycling more and landfilling less.
Recycling has never been so easy. If you are a business, recycling containers can be provided for the collection of mixed paper (e.g., office paper, newspapers, magazines, junk mail) and cardboard. This service is provided at no additional cost to you. You might be surprised at how much paper even a small office can accumulate in a just a couple of weeks. Recycling your paper and cardboard may help reduce your monthly trash fees.
Residential recycling is just as easy. A recycling container can be provided as part of your trash service and your recyclables are picked up at the curb in front of your house. It doesn’t get much easier than that! We accept paper products, specified plastics, glass bottles and jars, aluminum and steel cans.
It takes much less energy to make a new product from recycled material than it does to use virgin material. As citizens of Rolla, we all need to increase our commitment to recycling and preserving our environment. The entire community benefits from recycling by way of disposal cost savings, increased revenue, resource conservation, and a cleaner environment. For more information, please call 364-6693 or visit

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Community and Business Leaders Gathered in Support of Fort Leonard Wood

WAYNESVILLE, MO—Over 130 community, business and government leaders, in the four county region neighboring Fort Leonard Wood, met  on August 1st  in Waynesville at the annual meeting of the Sustainable Ozarks Partnership (SOP).  

As an indication of the regional support SOP is gathering, Mr. John Mahaffey, Springfield entrepreneur with strong business ties to the Fort Leonard Wood region, recently donated $10,000 to the organization.  Photo shows Mr. Michael Thompson, General Manger, Results Radio, presenting the check on Mr. Mahaffey’s behalf to SOP Chairman, Steve Tupper, and Executive Director, Joe Driskill, during the conference.

The SOP meeting focused on strategies the regional group is pursuing to improve the quality of life in the region and ensure that Fort Leonard Wood continues its mission in the Missouri Ozarks.  Given the likelihood of continuing Army budget reductions and force structure changes, the region faces significant challenges. Through SOP, regional leaders believe they can impact Army decisions by showcasing the region and focusing on issues that are important for Fort Leonard Wood’s sustainability.  The participants are united together in determining how best to preserve and grow missions and jobs at Fort Leonard Wood and improve the quality of life, business climate and job opportunities in the region. 

The keynote speaker at the SOP meeting commended the region for its united response to the challenges it faces.  Mr. Tim Ford, CEO of the Association of Defense Communities (ADC), talked about what other base communities are doing around the nation to have positive impacts on their military installations.   He pointed out that not only do base communities need to work together and with their installations, but they need to work together at the national level as well.  He applauded the region’s intent to reengage with ADC and work with other defense communities.  He said, “Together, we can make sure that the Department of Defense and Congress understand the importance of installations to military readiness.”   Steve Tupper, SOP Chairman, expressed his appreciation for the national leadership that Tim and the ADC have provided.  “We are glad that we are not alone in facing this formidable challenge.”

Major General Leslie Smith, the new Fort Leonard Wood Commanding General, also gave kudos to the gathered regional leaders.  He said, “No other military community that I know of is as welcoming, friendly and giving as you are here in the Ozarks.  We will gladly link arms and continue to work with you to make the region even better.”

Regional leaders believe that by working together on strategies that support the installation, they can have an impact on where the Army makes future cuts.   In April, about 1,200 concerned citizens, business leaders and local officials responded by participating in a “Listening Session” with Army officials to explain why Fort Leonard Wood should be spared from large cuts.  The Army was proposing cuts of up to 3,900 positions at that time. 

In June the Army announced its final decision to restructure its forces and cut the number of uniformed and civilian workers at installations around the country, including Fort Leonard Wood. In total, Fort Leonard Wood is now slated to lose up to 885 positions, with the changes to be phased in through 2017.  Additional cuts across the Army and other services are expected as the Pentagon continues to reduce the size and cost of the force. 

Joe Driskill, the SOP Executive Director said, “We are able to show that the cost of living in our region is significantly lower than at most other Army installations, that the quality of services—especially education—is beneficial to Army families, and that the Fort has no encroachment issues that are common at many other installations.  Our analysis also shows that our region and state are among the most cost-effective in the country.  We think Defense leaders need to continue to see that we are taking strong actions to keep the Fort Leonard Wood region a best value for the military to do business.”

The Sustainable Ozarks Partnership (SOP) is a part of the Leonard Wood Institute (LWI), a non-profit organization located at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  SOP focuses on sustainability strategies in the four counties neighboring Fort Leonard Wood.  It identifies and helps implement major programs and projects that sustain and improve the quality of life and business climate in the four counties and enable continued growth of Fort Leonard Wood. 

Operation Neighborhood Clean-up set for Nov. 1

The 6th annual “Operation Neighborhood Clean-up” will be held on Friday, Nov. 1st throughout the Rolla community in designated, high priority areas. The selection of these properties will be determined by the City of Rolla Police Department and the Rolla Area Ministerial Alliance.

All volunteers are asked to attend the welcome gathering at 6:30 a.m. at Greentree Christian Church Youth Center located at 801 East 10th Street. A complimentary continental breakfast will be provided. The clean-up will take place from 7 a.m. to 12-noon.

The entire community is invited to participate in this beautification effort, which is once again being coordinated by the Rolla Area Ministerial Alliance and the Rolla Police Department.

Operation Neighborhood Clean-up is an opportunity for residents to partner with the Rolla Area Ministerial Alliance, community churches, and the Rolla Police Department to enhance a sense of community, well being, pride and property values among the neighborhoods where the clean-up is conducted.

The clean-up effort will involve limited tree trimming, hedge trimming, and the removal of brush piles, leaves, household items and trash. Groups or individuals interested in volunteering may contact Chris Foster, Adult Education Minister at Greentree Christian Church, at 308-6387, or Sergeant Vince Giacolone at the Rolla Police Department at 308-1213,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ordinance #1 - Incorporating Rolla as a city

Interesting historical document... Ordinance #1 which incorporated the City of Rolla, MO in 1890.

For all the ordinances from 1 to 312 (1890 to 1927) you can download a scan of one of our old books here... but its a very large PDF file, approx. 48 mb in size.