Monday, September 21, 2015

MoveRolla - Transportation Strategy

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Study Purpose
The MoveRolla Transportation Strategy (MoveRolla) provides a framework for the implementation of a multimodal transportation network for Rolla’s central core and the Westside Marketplace. The purpose of the strategy is to improve mobility and safety for all modes, connect major activity centers, maximize economic development opportunities, and provide aesthetic improvements to enhance Rolla’s unique identity and sense of place.

Develop a transportation system that meets the needs of all people and modes and promotes a safe, healthy community and economic opportunities for the next 20 years.

•Develop a safe and convenient transportation environment.
•Promote alternative mobility choices.
•Develop a multimodal transportation system that promotes economic opportunities.
•Create a sense of place.

MoveRolla was developed through a technical analysis of exiting and future conditions, review of study area plans including the Missouri S&T Campus Master Plan, the Westside Marketplace Development Plan, Rolla West Master Plan, and the Phelps County Regional Medical Center Master Plan. Input was also gathered from the project core team, stakeholders and the public.

•The heaviest vehicle demand along Bishop Avenue occurs at the 10th Street, Kingshighway, and Highway 72 intersections.
•The heaviest pedestrian demand along Bishop Avenue is at 10th Street.
•12 percent of through traffic on Bishop Avenue is truck traffic.

•Bishop Avenue represents 66 percent of total arterial crashes in the study area.
•The crash rate on Bishop Avenue is 2.7 times the statewide average.
•Bishop Avenue represents 50 percent of the total pedestrian crashes in the study area.

•Missouri S&T is experiencing significant growth in enrollment.
•The Phelps County Regional Medical Center is undergoing a significant expansion including the construction of the new Delbert Day Cancer Institute.
•The Westside Marketplace will bring regional retail to Rolla West.