Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Community Call to Action - for all interested in keeping and growing Fort Leonard Wood

The Army is asking for public comment on its plan to reduce its end strength and realign its forces over the coming years prior to 2020. The reduction for Fort Leonard Wood (FLW) would be up to 3,900 soldiers and Army civilians. This would be a loss of 41% of permanent staff at FLW. The model the Army uses also projects a loss of 450 direct and 504 indirect jobs in the region.
This call for public comment is our opportunity as citizens, business owners, community leaders, support organizations and policy advocates to let our voices be heard by the Army before their suspense of March 21, 2013. We encourage everyone to participate in this unique opportunity to provide the Army with our feedback. We ask that everyone serve as an Ambassador in supporting this initiative and spreading the word to all of our fellow community members. We encourage the submission of individual, organizational and collective feedback from the different perspectives that you are willing to share. Strong responses from the region and our state supporters are needed so that the Army understands the impact that the proposed cuts will cause locally, regionally and within the state. We encourage everyone to share their thoughts on the idea that the Army should consider Fort Leonard Wood for growth and new missions instead of cuts to its military population.
Below is a link to a Sustainable Ozarks Partnership webpage that provides background information; and a sample memorandum that provides a format that can be individualized and sent to the Army directly from the webpage.  You can also add to the memo any additional comments you wish to make discussing either the adverse impact of the proposed cuts or the benefits of a growing FLW.
There is also an editable letter provided in a Word format for a more in depth response to the Army if desired.  You may want to use your letterhead for this letter.  Also on this webpage are copies of the Army’s comprehensive plan, an executive summary, and the portion of the plan that addresses Fort Leonard Wood specifically.
Please also consider passing this link on to other groups that share our interest in maintaining and growing Fort Leonard Wood.  We need strong responses from the region and our state supporters so that the Army understands how painful the proposed cuts would be and that the Army should consider Fort Leonard Wood for growth, not cuts.
If you have questions, please call 573-855-8312, or email
The webpage link is  The suspense is
March 21.

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