Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rolla Public Library celebrates Local Government Week with display

The staff of the Rolla Public Library invites the community to celebrate Local Government Week (April 28-May 4) with an informative display of books and periodicals that showcase the various professions and careers in local government. 
The display, located at the circulation desk in the main Library (900  Pine Street), represents not only local government, but county and state as well.
(Pictured in front of the Local Government Week display at the Rolla Public Library are (l to r): Liz Grahl, Assistant Librarian; Cathy Smith, Library Director; Stephanie Chinn, Children’s Coordinator; Willa McCord, Assistant Librarian; Suzanne Wilson, Assistant Librarian and Kristin Strandberg, Administrative Assistant.)

Also pictured in front of the Local Government Week display at the Rolla Public Library are (l to r): Alley English, Assistant Librarian; Sheena Adams, Assistant Librarian; Erin Cook, Assistant Librarian (holding Local Government Week proclamation); Tisha Johnson, Assistant Librarian and Cathy Smith, Library Director.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Planning & Zoning Commission meeting set for May 14

A Rolla Planning & Zoning Commission meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 14 at 5:30 p.m. in the Rolla City Hall - Council Chambers (901 N. Elm Street).

A. Request to approve changes to Chapter 42 of the Rolla City Code by adding a new Section
42-232 pertaining to sections governing the regulation of Family Entertainment and
Recreation Complexes (City of Rolla). Public hearing and first reading
B. A request to approve a Conditional Use Permit to allow the establishment of a tavern! bar
or night club at 1100 Hwy 72 East, as defined in Chapter 42 Sec. 42-141. Definitions
(Barrack) Public hearing and first reading
C. A request to rezone property located at 715 west 11th Street from R-2 (two family district)
zoning to R-3 (multi-family district) zoning. (Cheng) Public hearing and first reading
D. A request to rezone property at 500 North Bishop Ave. from GI (government/institutional
district) zoning to C-3 (highway commercial district) zoning. (CVS Pharmacy) Public
hearing, first and final reading — approved
E. A request to revise and replat a portion of the Bruss’s 1 Addition, being a minor
subdivision of a portion ofBlock ii of Bishop’s 4t1 Addition and a portion of Block 49 of
Bishop’s Addition to include additional real estate to be consolidated with the existing
plat. (CVS Pharmacy) First and final reading — approved
F. Final Plat of Rolla Skilled Nursing Facility Plat No. 1; A minor subdivision re-plat of lots
11, 18 thru 26 and 31 thru 40 of Arwood Hills No. I and a portion ofNE ¼ SW Y4, Sec.35,
T38, R8w, Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri. (Chapman) - approved

A. Annexation and zoning request 12015 Cedar Grove, account number 10061, from NZ (no
zone) to R- 1 (single family district). (Asher)
B. Request to rezone 100 South Spilman Avenue from R-1 (single family district) zoning to
R-3 (multi-family district) zoning. (Larson)

An Ordinance to provide a new chapter heading under Chapter 40, entitled “Historic
Preservation Commission” and by adding certain sections to Chapter 40, pertaining to the
establishment and operation of a Rolla Historic Preservation Commission and the
designation Rolla Historic Properties, Historic Districts, and Rolla Historic Preservation


Volunteers make strom drain marker program big success

Mayor Bill Jenks, III
The week of April 21 through April 27 is National Volunteer Week, where we as a community recognize all of the many service projects that have been and will be performed this year by volunteers from area schools, universities, service clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and any number of organizations and federal agencies. Naming all of these groups and the individuals who volunteer, would be a very difficult endeavor, but thanking and recognizing them for their time and talent is the least we can do.
So it gives me great pleasure to recognize and thank the energetic group of individuals who volunteered their time last Saturday, April 20 to participate in the second phase of the City of Rolla’s Storm Drain Marker program. The City’s Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Phelps County Venture Crew, 84; Missouri S&T Delta Tau Delta fraternity members; Rolla Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Rolla High School students and Mill Creek Watershed Coalition all attended training sessions before fanning out throughout the city to place eye-catching red stainless steel markers that contain the symbol of a 
 fish and the words “No Dumping – Drains to Streams”. The markers and are intended to remind the public of the importance of not depositing pollutants, chemicals or yard waste into storm drain inlets.
(Pictured above: Thirteen Missouri S&T students who are members of Delta Tau Delta volunteered to place over 170 Strom Drain markers on storm drain inlets located at HyPoint Industrial Park and along Hwy. 72 and State Route 63. Pictured with Elizabeth Jackson, President of the Phelps County Venture Crew 84, are (l to r): James Taylor, Vice President; Mathew Vogel, President and Dan Elliott, Vice President.)
 The volunteers affixed 1,500 of the markers throughout the Rolla community, including HyPoint Industrial Park. A training session to familiarize the volunteers with nonpoint source pollution was conducted that morning by Elizabeth Jackson, President of the Phelps County Venture Crew 84.  
(Several Rolla High School students volunteered their time and talent during the Storm Drain Marker project held April 20 throughout the Rolla community where over 1,500 red stainless steel markers were affixed. Pictured (l to r) are: Maddie Mara, Georgina Barsoum, Sarah Butz, Iqra Choudhry and Allie Burns.
According to Anne McClay, Project Coordinator in the City’s Engineering Division, there are 4,300 storm drain inlets located among the over 100 miles of streets in the City of Rolla. Five hundred markers were placed near storm drains during the first phase of the program, making a total of 2,000 markers installed to date. I join Anne in thanking the 60-plus volunteers who helped out with the project. We can’t thank them enough for all their time and effort. A special thanks also goes out to the members of the Mill Creek Watershed Coalition for generously providing breakfast for all the volunteers. Many of the members traveled over 100 miles to be part of this project.  
The Stormwater Inlet Marker program is collaboration among the City of Rolla, Phelps County Venture Crew 84, Meramec Hills Master Naturalists, and Stream Team #3713. The Environmental Protection Agency Region 7, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, has provided $10,000 in funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. For more information about this program, please contact Anne McClay at 426-6955 or amclay@rollacity.org.
The City of Rolla would like to remind residents that removal of the markers is considered theft of city property and is punishable by fines. Those interested in the purchase of a marker or needing more information about this program, may contact Anne McClay at 426-6955 or amcalay@rollacity.org.
Have a safe weekend and a great week ahead!



Thursday, April 25, 2013

Asphalt pathcing follows RMU water main install in Heritage Heights

Members of Rolla Asphalt apply an asphalt patch on Lincoln Lane, located in the Heritage Heights neighborhood. 
The patch follows the installation of new water mains by Rolla Municipal Utilities’ crews over the winter and spring months.
The City’s Public Works Department will work with a paving company this summer to apply a 1/4 –inch-layer of asphalt as part of the City’s micro-surfacing program.
The City asks for the public’s continued patience and cooperation as this important patching and micro-surfacing project continues. Please drive slowly and with care through this area. For more information, please call 364-8659.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

City of Rolla to celebrate Local Government Week April 28-May 4

(Rolla Mayor Bill Jenks, III, holds the proclamation for ‘Local Government Week’ as members of the 2013 Rolla City Council show their support and recognition of Rolla city employees and the many services and programs they provide the citizens of Rolla. Pictured (l to r) are: Council members Steve Leonard (Ward II); Kelly Long (Ward III); Sue Eudaly (Ward III); Greg Sawyer (Ward 1); Rhonda Sue Myers (Ward 1); Monty Jordan (Ward I); Fran Mazanec (Ward 6); Jim Williams (Ward V); Tony Bahr (Ward 6); former City Council member Carrolyn Bolin; Brian Woolley (Ward 5); Don Morris (Ward 4) and Lou Magdits, Mayor Pro Tem (Ward 4).

Rolla Mayor Bill Jenks, III and members of the Rolla City Council recognized the importance of Local Government Week (April 28 through May 4) with a proclamation that was presented during the April 15 Rolla City Council meeting.
The City of Rolla invites the citizens of Rolla to celebrate ‘Local Government Week’ by acknowledging the many valuable services and programs Rolla city employees provide our community. This state-wide celebration was created by the Missouri Municipal League to raise awareness of and celebrate the important role city government plays in the lives of all Missourians.
The Local Government Week proclamation, which will be part of a display at the Rolla Public Library (900 N. Pine Street), states that the “continued success of our local governments in meeting the needs of our citizens is a key element in maintaining the overall quality of life in Missouri.” The display at the library, coordinated by Cathy Smith, Director of the Library, and her staff, will include several books and periodicals showcasing the various careers of municipal employees, and the many services they provide local communities.
Now is the time to learn more about how your local government serves you. Please visit the City’s Website at www.rollacity.org, and plan to attend the City’s Public Works Day Celebration on Saturday, May 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Downtown Festival Lot and Bandshell area (9th and Oak Streets). The event is free and open to the public.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

City launches 2nd phase of Stormwater Inlet Marker program

Mayor Bill Jenks, III
The protection and preservation of the environment continues to be a high priority for the City of Rolla’s Public Works Department which is working closely with several agencies in the Rolla area to place 1,500 highly visible red, stainless steel markers with the words “No Dumping – Drains to Streams” on stormwater grate inlets.  
The project, which is being overseen by Anne McClay, Project Coordinator in the Engineering Division, will be held next Saturday, April 20. Numerous volunteers from the Phelps County Venture Crew 84, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, a Missouri S&T fraternity, and even staff at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Department of Conversation will be organizing at Veterans Memorial Park (located off Southview Drive) at 8 a.m. The purpose of the program is to remind the public of the importance of not depositing pollutants, chemicals, yard waste or debris into stormwater inlets.
The continuation of the program, which is now in its second phase, is also a response to the stringent mandates concerning stormwater treatment and water quality of streams and lakes. These mandates continue to trickle down from the state and federal level to the local level. Last year members of the Phelps County Venture Crew generously adopted the project as one of their environmental projects – donating their time and talent to install 500 drain markers throughout the north side of the City between 10th and 18th Street and along Pine Street and from Bishop Highway to Forum Drive.
With the knowledge and experience they obtained during the first phase of this project, members of the Phelps County Venture Crew 84 will be coordinating the project. They have spent a lot of time learning about non-point source pollution and watersheds and are ready to share what they’ve learned. For all intents and purposes, this is their program and the City will assist with other agencies, organizations and volunteers who are participating on Saturday. A special thanks goes out to all the members of the Venture Crew, including leaders John and Ann Murphy, and member Elizabeth Jackson, who will be in charge of the crew.
Please be aware that all of the volunteers involved in this effort will be working with reflective clothing along city streets and curbs next Saturday, and I would once again like to ask the motoring public to please be watchful and vigilant as you travel through these areas.
There are over 4,300 stormwater inlets located along 100 miles of streets in the City of Rolla, and this second phase of a multi-year program is designed to involve and educate the community regarding the importance of not dumping chemicals, pollutants and yard waste into storm drain inlets. By spreading the Stormwater Inlet Marker program over several years we hope to involve as many students, agencies, community groups and volunteers as possible
The Stormwater Inlet Marker program is collaboration among the City of Rolla, Healthy Yards for Clear Streams and Phelps County Venture Crew. Phase I of the program was so successful that the Non-Point Source Pollution Prevention (319 Mini-Grant) from the Department of Natural Resources was increased to $10,000. If other groups or organizations are interested in volunteering or learning more about how they can participate in this program, please contact Anne McClay at 426-6955 or amclay@rollacity.org.
Have a safe weekend and a great week ahead!