Saturday, February 2, 2013

Manufacturing expanding in Rolla region

Mayor Bill Jenks, III
There have been fewer delights in my term as mayor than that of the recent announcements by both Brewer Science, Inc. and MoSci, Inc. – both headquartered in Rolla – that these two well known corporations are expanding their manufacturing facilities in the Rolla region.
Both of these companies, which represent the high-tech, innovative, cutting-edge manufacturing culture that some may liken to the Silicone Valley in California,  identify the Rolla region as one of the growing areas throughout the Midwest for manufacturing along the I-44 Technology Corridor that spans from St. Louis to Joplin.
What’s even more exciting is the impact that these expansions will have not only on employment opportunities in the Rolla region, but also the state-wide and national recognition these expansions will have and already have had on our area. And to see this expansion in manufacturing take place along the I-44 Technology Corridor right in our own backyard is reason to be grateful for the investments these companies are making, and to be optimistic about the future of Rolla and the Meramec Valley Region.
Not only does this region possess a world-class university in Missouri University of Science and Technology, first-class medical facilities at Phelps County Regional Medical Center and Mercy; an outdoor lover’s paradise with the 1.5-million Mark Twain National Forest, great shopping and dining establishments, outstanding cultural opportunities, with great parks, walking/biking trails and fitness facilities, we are also a hub for high-tech manufacturing. This combination of strengths and assets will make this area all the more appealing and desirable to other companies, businesses, industries, investors and retail establishments interested in this area.
The wheels are in motion, the infrastructure is finalized, and at MoSci, where a 17,400--foot building expansion is underway, the footers are already poured. Considerable infrastructure improvements at Rolla National Airport where the new Brewer Science, Inc. manufacturing facility will be constructed, will include a new water tower and all new storm sewer systems. The completion of these two new manufacturing facilities – one at HyPoint Industrial Park, and the other at Rolla National Airport, which is owned and operated by the City of Rolla, will mark a significant shift in momentum toward increased manufacturing that will have a noticeable ripple effect throughout our community and the Meramec Valley Region.
 What is even more exciting is that both Brewer Science, Inc. and MoSci are both locally owned and operated corporations whose leaders have a known passion for excellence and who care as much for the Rolla community as they do about the success of their business expansions. While so much is being said about our country’s lack of ‘Made in America’ culture that once pervaded the American psyche and work ethic, we are so fortunate here in Rolla, Missouri to have two very solid, very respected, and very well known global corporations engaging and succeeding in cutting-edge, ground-breaking manufacturing that is not only exciting, but also reinforces an image and a brand of Rolla as a hub for high-tech manufacturing, innovation and smart growth.
As we begin 2013 hearing about the employment opportunities that will be generated by the expansions at both Brewer Science,Inc. at Rolla National Airport and MoSci Inc., at HyPoint Industrial Park, there is always more strategic and economic development planning and collaborations that will need to take place. But you can be assured we will be hearing more positive news regarding the impact both of these companies have had and will continue to have on the Rolla region, the state of Missouri, and the world!
Have a nice weekend and a safe week!

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