Monday, October 17, 2011

Motorists adapt to Forum Drive Roundabout

Motorists easily navigate new roundabout at 18th and Forum Drive.
Motorists are quickly adapting to the new circular intersection, better known as a roundabout at Forum Drive and 18th Street in Rolla.
The construction of the roundabout was part of the multi-phase reconstruction of Forum Drive from 18th Street to 10th Street. The project, which was coordinated with Rolla Municipal Utilities (RMU), involved the installation of new storm sewer pipes, water mains, electrical lines, storm sewer outlets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters.
Now that the roundabout at 18th and Forum Drive is complete, and motorists are learning to adapt to the new intersection, the City has posted information about roundabouts, including a brochure and video on its Website at
Scott Grahl/City of Rolla photos.
The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) video explains that roundabouts are designed to get a lot of traffic through an intersection without a lot of waiting; a one-way circle of traffic with yield signs at each entry point; they are easy to navigate thru and safer to use than traditional traffic intersections. A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says roundabouts reduce collisions of all types by 39%; injury collisions by 76% and fatal and incapacitating injuries by 89%.
The reasons for these safety improvements, (as explained on the MoDOT video),  for both motorists and pedestrians include: slower traffic speeds, smaller collision angles and fewer conflict points (spots where vehicles could collide). 


Anonymous said...

In light of Steve Hargis' comment at the 10/17 city council meeting that the Forum and 18th roundabout was on the border of too small/tight for trucks, such that truckers would have to want very much to take that route (a close paraphrase of his remarks), is the roundabout a de facto restriction of truck traffic on Forum Drive, and its 18th Street approach? A truck route was an item of discussion in the city council some months ago.

What, if anything, might this do to the merchants on Forum Drive?

City of Rolla said...

The roundabout is large enough to allow for large truck traffic but small enough to require large trucks to slow below 15 mph in order to negotiate the turning movements. Or, in other words, the facility is sized to easily allow for local deliveries but also discourages trucks from using as a shortcut from I-44 to Route 72.