Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gene Sally Parkway Dedication well attended by public

Mr. Gene Sally addresses a large crowd at the City Hall Courtyard.
More than 80 individuals attended the “Gene Sally Parkway” dedication ceremony held on Friday, Sept. 30 at Rolla City Hall. The event, which was hosted by Rolla Mayor Bill Jenks, III, including a formal program in the City Hall courtyard where several of Mr. Sally's long-time friends and colleagues paid tribute to Mr. Sally's contributions to Rolla and his enduring legacy has someone who truly made a difference in the Rolla community. 
The formal ceremony was followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony coordinated by the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce, and then an informal reception was held in the 3rd Floor of Rolla City Hall. Mr. Sally and his grandchildren helped to cut the first slices of the ceremonial cake, which included an image of the Gene Sally Parkway sign.
The Rolla City Council approved an ordinance to designate an overlay of the 10th Street Bridge in Rolla as the “Gene Sally Parkway”  in honor and memory of the former Missouri State Senator and State Representative who was a prominent Rolla real estate developer, and community leader largely responsible for the construction and funding of the 10th Street Bridge in Rolla. 
 In addition, Sally was largely responsible for much of the development that has occurred in the east area of Rolla, including the Forum Shopping Center, Forum Hills subdivision, and Rolla Technical Institute. In addition Mr. Sally was instrumental in the purchase of Rolla National Airport for $1, and was one of the purchasing partners of Oak Meadow Country Club. He was also an active supporter of Rolla youth sports. 
Former Missouri State Senator and retired Real Estate Developer Gene Sally, enthusiastically participates in a ribbon cutting ceremony coordinated by the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce and attended by family members, friends, Rolla Chamber Ambassadors, and residents during the Gene Sally Parkway Dedication on Sept. 30, 2011. The Gene Sally Parkway sign located in the upper left hand corner of the photo, was designed by Anne McClay, Project Coordinator, City of Rolla, Public Works Department. (Scott Grahl/City of Rolla photo).

Former Missouri State Senator Gene Sally, (left), visits with Missouri State Senator Dan Brown (District 16) and Rolla Mayor Bill Jenks III during the Gene Sally Parkway Dedication held on Sept. 30, 2011. Senator Brown commented during his presentation of a Senate Resolution to Mr. Sally that there is an old saying among Senators at the Capitol in Jefferson City that “Once a Missouri Senator, Always a Missouri Senator.” (Scott Grahl/City of Rolla photo)

Gene Sally, (center) shares a joyful moment during the Gene Sally Parkway Dedication ceremony hosted by Rolla Mayor Bill Jenks, III on Sept. 30, 2011 in the Rolla City Hall courtyard. Also pictured are (l to r), Mr. Sally’s wife, Betty Sally and Jeannie Jenks, wife of Mayor Jenks. Mr. Sally, who now resides in Rancho Mirage, California, was reunited with many of his family members, including his son, Chris Sally from Kansas City, Mo. and daughter, Tory Fitzgibbon from Nashville, Tenn., and their families.
(Scott Grahl/City of Rolla photo)

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