Saturday, July 16, 2011

Upgrades to city roads continue through summer months

   If you live in and around the area of Forum Hills between Forum Drive and McCutchen Drive, or if you travel regularly on Forum Drive from 10th Street to 18th Street, you have no doubt noticed the temporary road closures and significant construction work being completed by the City’s Street Department.
   Members of the Street Department, working in 100-degree-plus temperatures, have been very busy installing 36-inch-wide storm drain pipes along Forum Drive near the intersection of 10th and Forum. A six-foot-wide concrete storm drain was also installed at the corner of 10th and Forum Drive to ensure proper drainage and flow in the months and years to come. The entire storm drain project near the corner of Forum and 10th Street, which has required the temporary closure of that section of Forum Drive, should be completed sometime next week. The Street Department will also begin constructing a new round-about at the intersection of 18th and Forum Drive in early August. This new round-about, which will be funded by the City’s Street Fund, will also greatly improve the capacity and safety of this heavily traveled area and intersection. It is part of the planned roadway improvements on Forum Drive from Soest Road to 18th Street. The City’s Street Crew will also be repairing curb and gutter and driveway aprons, and work along Forum Drive will continue for several more weeks. Once all of the additional repairs and improvements are completed, Forum Drive will receive a new overlay. This project should greatly enhance the infrastructure of this area as well as improve the driving surface and safety of Forum Drive.
   Elsewhere in the City the Street Department will begin asphalt micro-surfacing on several City streets beginning this Monday, July 18. The area will include all streets in Rolla south of 10th Street to Missouri Highway 72, and east of Forum Drive and Pinetree Road. It will also include the Johnson/Laird subdivision. The micro surfacing project is being completed by Donelson Construction Company. It is a quick set surfacing system that will provide an approximate one-quarter-inch-thick pavement resurfacing. Micro-surfacing is an economical alternative to hot asphalt mix overlays, which typically applies a minimum of two inches of pavement resurfacing.
   A complete list of streets that are scheduled for micro-surfacing in Rolla is posted on the City of Rolla’s Website at While this work may take several days to complete, streets that are being sealed will remain open with temporary one-lane traffic established. Flagmen will be present to direct traffic, and motorists and pedestrians are urged to remain cautious when traveling through the areas of work. Delays up to 20 minutes should be expected. For more information, please call the Public Works Department at (573) 364-8659 or visit
    In closing, I’d like to mention that with the rapid growth of unsightly weeds, extremely long grass, and overgrown vegetation throughout various areas of the city of Rolla, the City’s Code Enforcement Division and Street Department are enforcing City codes that will ensure compliance with proper yard and business maintenance. The City’s code “Permitting Growth of High Weeds, etc., Prohibited” (Article II, Section 28-14) states that all weeds, brush, or rank vegetation will be cut and maintained at a height of 12 inches or less. Failure to comply with these codes (Section 28-11 to 28-17) may result in a City abatement or a summons being issued.
  I’d also like to remind everyone that SplashZone – Rolla’s refreshing outdoor water park, located in beautiful Ber Juan Park at 14th and Holloway Streets, remains open throughout the summer months Monday through Friday (noon-7 p.m.) and Saturday and Sunday (noon-6 p.m.). Please also mark your calendars for tomorrow, Sunday, July 17, which is “Grandparent’s Day Special” at SplashZone – grandparent is free with child’s admission.   Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen whenever you’re spending time outdoors. For more information, please call 364-8222 or 341-2FUN.
  Have a safe week!

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