Tuesday, July 12, 2011

City urges residents and businesses to maintain yards and properties

   The full force of another hot, humid and wet Missouri summer is upon us and so is the rapid growth of grass, weeds and vegetation. Unsightly weeds, extremely long grass, and overgrown vegetation throughout various areas of the City of Rolla has prompted the City’s Code Enforcement Division and Street Department to enforce City codes that will ensure compliance with proper yard and business maintenance.
   The City’s code “Permitting Growth of High Weeds, etc., Prohibited” (Article II, Section 28-14) states that all weeds, brush, or rank vegetation will be cut and maintained at a height of 12 inches or less. Failure to comply with these codes (Section 28-11 to 28-17) may result in a City abatement or a summons being issued.  
   “We would like to remind home owners and property owners throughout the City to please be vigilant regarding the maintenance and upkeep of your yards, businesses and properties,” said John Butz, City Administrator.    
     For more information regarding this issues, please contact the City’s Community Development Department at  (573) 364-5333.  

Extremely long grass reaching heights of three to four feet at the corner of Leroy and 14th Streets in Rolla (across from the Ber Juan Tennis Complex), is just one example of property owners who need to maintain their properties and comply with City codes. Failure to comply with City codes may result in a City abatement or a summons being issued. 

Unsightly weeds have overtaken right-of-ways and sidewalks in certain areas of the City of Rolla. While the Street Division and Codes Division are addressing these issues, property owners and residents are urged to assist with the trimming and mowing of grass and weeds near or adjacent to their properties whenever possible.

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