Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roundabouts to be constructed in Rolla area

   After constructing a round-about at University Drive and White Columns Drive that has provided an attractive gateway entrance to the City of Rolla, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) recently awarded a bid that will result in the construction of two additional roundabouts in the Rolla area.
   The roundabouts will be constructed on Kingshighway at both ends of the Kingshighway/I-44 overpass. The current traffic signals at the Martin Springs Drive intersection will be removed and replaced with a roundabout, and the second roundabout will be located on the north side of the Kingshighway/I-44 overpass. This configuration is referred to as a ‘dog bone’ design. These roundabouts will greatly improve the capacity and safety of these heavily traveled intersections. The estimated cost of these improvements is $1,760,051. The improvements, which will begin early this summer, are part of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan funded by MoDOT.
   The City of Rolla’s Public Works Department will construct a third roundabout later this summer at the intersection of 18th Street and Forum Drive. This new roundabout will also greatly improve the capacity and safety of this heavily traveled area and intersection. This roundabout will be funded by the City’s Street Fund, and is part of the planned roadway improvements on Forum Drive from Soest Road to 18th Street.
   We appreciate your patience and that of motorists traveling on Forum Drive between 18th and 10th Streets as major infrastructure upgrades such as new 12-inch water mains are installed by Rolla Municipal Utilities. The City’s Street Crew will also be repairing curb and gutter and driveway aprons, and will be installing additional storm sewers at 10th and Forum. The water main installations by RMU are nearly completed, and the trenches will be patched by the City’s Street Crew beginning the week of June 27. Work in this area along Forum Drive will continue, however, for the next several weeks. Once all of the additional repairs and improvements are completed, Forum Drive will receive a new overlay. This project should greatly enhance the infrastructure of this area as well as improve the driving surface and safety of Forum Drive.
  Looking ahead this week, I’d like to remind you that the 76th annual Rolla Lions Club Carnival will be held at Rolla Lions Club Park (State Route 63 South) from Friday, July 1 through Monday, July 4 with carnival rides, game booths, great-tasting carnival food and free fireworks the evening of July 2 and July 4. Prize drawings will be held nightly culminating with the highly anticipated drawing for a new 2011 Ford Mustang at midnight on July 4. Proceeds from the carnival will benefit the Rolla Lions Club Park as well as the Lions Club vision and hearing programs, area youth activities and scholarships for local residents.
   Please also note that SplashZone, Rolla’s outdoor water park, located next to The Centre in Ber Juan Park, will celebrate the 4th with Independence Dollar Day where everyone gets in for $1. Rolla City Hall and the Environmental Services Department will also be closed on Monday, July 4 in observance of the Independence Day Holiday. Monday’s trash will be picked up on Tuesday and Tuesday’s trash will be picked up on Wednesday. In addition, the Rolla City Council meeting, normally held on the first Monday of the month, will be held on Tuesday, July 5 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall (901 N. Elm Street).
   I hope you have a safe and memorable July 4th weekend. And, let’s remember and pay tribute to the members of the U.S. Armed Services who allow us all to enjoy the freedoms and celebrations that would not be possible without their sacrifices and service to our country.  


Anonymous said...

I heard that the semi trucks going to the HP for driver tests cannot negotiate the roundabout at Exit 185 without running up on the curb.

If a roundabout ever gets put in at Exit 186, that will mean all three of the main city exits have this potential impediment.

I'd love to hear from some truck drivers about this.

City of Rolla said...

Located at the roundabout at the 185 Exit is also a truck apron. The apron is designed to be easily mounted by truck and trailer units which have a large turning radius. The height is only a few inches but substantial enough to discourage cars from using this apron as a short cut across the roundabout.

Anonymous said...

I would like something done at the intersection of 18th, Old St. James and the road that runs along the railroad track, it is unsafe there.
I am happy about the roundabout for the kingshwy/old wire road. Too many people run the stop sign from Old wire onto the bridge.
As a former truck driver I do not see a problem with the roundabout as constructed at exit 185. There is far graver issues with semi drivers who do not turn wide enough at 63/kingshwy and 63/72.