Thursday, May 10, 2012

City launches Stormwater Inlet Marker Program

The City of Rolla Public Works Department is launching a new Stormwater Inlet Marker pilot program that will remind the public of the importance of not depositing pollutants, chemicals or yard waste into stormwater inlets.
The eye-catching red stainless steel markers, designed by Anne McClay, Project Coordinator in the City’s Public Works Department, contain the symbol of a fish and the words “No Dumping – Drains to Streams”.
On Saturday, May 12 members of the Phelps County Venture Crew, local volunteers and McClay, will be affixing 500 of the markers on the curb adjacent to the stormwater inlet grates located along the streets throughout the city of Rolla from 18th Street to 10th Street and Hwy. 63 to Forum Drive. A training session to familiarize the Venture Crew with nonpoint source pollution and instruct them on how to install the markers on the inlets was held on May 7.
“There are 4,300 stormwater inlets located among the over 100 miles of streets in the City of Rolla, and this initial effort is the first phase of a multi-year program designed to involve and educate the community regarding the importance of not dumping chemicals, pollutants and yard waste into storm drain inlets,” said McClay.
The Stormwater Inlet Marker program is a collaboration among the City of Rolla, Phelps County Venture Crew, Meramec Hills Master Naturalists, and Stream Team #3713. The Environmental Protection Agency Region 7 through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.
Participants ask that you please drive cautiously when you enter the project area. If other groups or organizations are interested in volunteering or learning more about how they can participate in this program, please contact Anne McClay at 426-6955 or

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Nice to see cities finally start to integrate some of the inlet filter markers.