Tuesday, December 30, 2008

City Talk - Shopping local message echoed by many in area

On behalf of the Rolla City Council and Rolla City employees, I hope you had a memorable Christmas, and will be blessed by the peace and serenity that manifests itself during the holidays.

Throughout the last several months several members of the community, including well-known merchants, business owners and community leaders have been repeating the “Shop Local” mantra that is being heard daily on the national news, and communities and cities all across America. If the busy parking lots in shopping centers, strip malls and throughout town are any indication of the success of this often repeated message, it may very well be that many of us have once again done a significant portion of our holiday shopping here in Rolla and Phelps County. The convenience and ease of staying in town makes it all the more appealing when it’s 5 degrees below zero, and it’s difficult to tell when the next ice or snow storm is going to make its impact on our roads and highways. The Rolla and Phelps County area have much to offer, and I’d like to continue encouraging everyone to patronize first the merchants, businesses, restaurants and hotels in our area. I’d also like to extend my thanks and appreciation to all the individuals and groups who have so vigorously spread the “Shop Local” tag line. It seems to be working!

If you happen to be visiting the Rolla area this weekend, and have been away for the last several months you have probably notice that the intersection of Highway 72 and State Route 63 at Ridgeview Road looks a little different than it did this time last year. While some of the establishments located at Bishop Commons on the corner of Bishop Avenue (State Road 63) have been open for a couple of months, the new flagship Walgreens store adjacent to Bishop Commons at Ridgeview Road and State Road 63 is nearing completion. These additions to this strategic and highly traveled intersection have been a long time in coming, but demonstrate the retail strength and vitality of our community.

In closing, I’d like to remind everyone that Rolla City Hall, located at 901 N. Elm Street, will be closed on New Year’s Day, Thursday, Jan. 1. The Solid Waste Department will be picking up Thursday’s trash on Wednesday. For more information regarding the City of Rolla holiday trash pick-up schedule, please call 364-6693.

The Centre, Rolla’s Health and Recreation Complex, located at 1200 North Holloway Street, will be open on New Year’s Eve, Wednesday, Dec. 31 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed on New Year’s Day, Thursday. Regular operating hours at The Centre resume on Friday, Jan. 2. The week of Jan. 4 through Jan. 9 is “Free Class Preview Week” at The Centre, which means all group fitness classes are free for anyone interested in participating. For more information, please call The Centre at 341-2FUN (2386).

Another important communication tool the City of Rolla is making available to the residents of our community is a BLOG that is linked on the City’s homepage at http://rollacity.blogspot.com. The City is now posting my weekly City Talk column and Police Chief Mark Kearse’s City Chat column on the City’s BLOG at http://rollacity.blogspot.com. We welcome your comments, input and feedback.

Wishing you and your families, friends and neighbors a happy and prosperous New Year!

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