Monday, December 15, 2008

Rolla Channel 6 captures holiday happenings in Rolla

Without trying to sound too much like a cliché, I think you’ll agree that it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Rolla, Missouri. My sincere thanks goes out to all of the Rolla businesses and agencies such as Fidelity Cablevision, Rolla Municipal Utilities (RMU), and the City of Rolla’s Public Works Department who light up our downtown area and help us get into the spirit of the holidays.

Fidelity puts up all the lighted stars along Hwy. 72 and Hwy. 63 South, RMU puts them up along 10th Street and the downtown business district, and the City’s Public Works Department puts up the stars along Hwy. 63 North from Blockbuster Video to Interstate 44. The Public Works Department and Traffic Division also creates and displays all the holiday banners in the downtown business district, puts up wreaths and lights at City Hall (901 North Elm Street), and of course, displays and decorates the 20-foot-tall Christmas Tree in the City’s Downtown Festival Park.

Many events held last weekend helped kick off the holidays, and if you didn’t have a chance to attend the Rolla Christmas Parade hosted by the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce last Saturday in downtown Rolla or the Christmas Band Concert (8th-12th grades) at Rolla High School last Thursday, you can see these events in their entirety on Rolla Channel 6 (RC6) throughout the holidays.

Both of these events, which were produced by Gabe Mankin, RC6 Video Production Manager and his two video production assistants, Kile Crews and Daniel Galarza, who attend Rolla Junior High School, are examples of the many community events and educational programs that are being produced and aired on Rolla Channel 6. If you would like to receive a DVD copy of either of these events, RHS sporting events, Rolla City Council, Planning and Zoning and RPS board meetings, you can order them through Rolla Channel 6. To place your order, simply call Gabe Mankin, RC6 Video Production Manager, at (573) 426-3377. You may also place your order in person anytime Monday through Friday during normal business hours at the Rolla Channel 6 offices located at Fidelity Cablevision at 1304 Highway 72 East.

In addition to the above mentioned events, RC6 will also be airing other holiday happenings in the days to come, including a holiday greeting from the City of Rolla and Rolla Public Schools. Public service announcements showcasing The Centre, Rolla’s 63,000-square-foot Health and Recreation Complex and the Rolla Recycling Center located at 2141 Old St. James Road, and the first episode of “City Minutes” will also be airing on RC6 throughout the holidays. So be sure to tune into RC6 – Rolla’s premiere Education, Government and Community channel.

RC6 is a jointly funded education and government cable channel provided by the City of Rolla, Rolla Public Schools, and Fidelity Cablevision. The mission of RC6 is to enhance the City of Rolla’s and Rolla Public Schools’ public information and communication systems, involve the community in local government and Rolla Public School decision-making, and provide useful information to the public.

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