Monday, September 30, 2013

Reserved Parking now available in downtown Rolla

ROLLA – Reserved off street parking spaces are now available in Downtown Rolla just in time for the upcoming opening of two new parking facilities. Individuals who work, live or attend classes in the area will now have a guaranteed place to park.

The City will offer 143 reserved spaces on a first come, first served basis in one of three parking lots in the downtown area. Individuals may purchase a six month parking sticker for $120 or twelve month parking sticker for a reduced fee of $200, both non-refundable. Spaces are currently available at the 10th and Main Street lot, the lot between Pine Street and Rolla Street just south of 8th Street, and the new lot at 6th and Elm Street. Parking will be enforced by the City of Rolla Police Department.

“Parking has always been a concern in the downtown area, particularly for the business owners”, says Steve Hargis, Director of Public Works for the City of Rolla. “Add to that the necessity for student parking and the increase in downtown residences brought about by the redevelopment of some of the vacant buildings, and you can begin to see how available parking is at a premium. We feel these reserved spaces will alleviate some of those problems.”

For those interested in purchasing a reserved parking permit, or for more information, contact the City of Rolla Public Works Department at (573) 364-8659, or visit the city’s website at

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Anonymous said...

I just really wish our Meter Maid would travel more than just Rolla Street and Pine. Parking during the school year from 10t street and over to 18th is a joke. We have people parking on the wrong side of the roads, people parked blocking side walk traffic, and vehicles parked next to stop signs and blocking view of traffic. Heaven forbid someone parks longer than 2 hours somewhere with all this crap happening. Parking enforcement should include the whole city not just DOWNTOWN. I can look out my window right now and see a violation!