Monday, April 15, 2013

City launches 2nd phase of Stormwater Inlet Marker program

Mayor Bill Jenks, III
The protection and preservation of the environment continues to be a high priority for the City of Rolla’s Public Works Department which is working closely with several agencies in the Rolla area to place 1,500 highly visible red, stainless steel markers with the words “No Dumping – Drains to Streams” on stormwater grate inlets.  
The project, which is being overseen by Anne McClay, Project Coordinator in the Engineering Division, will be held next Saturday, April 20. Numerous volunteers from the Phelps County Venture Crew 84, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, a Missouri S&T fraternity, and even staff at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Department of Conversation will be organizing at Veterans Memorial Park (located off Southview Drive) at 8 a.m. The purpose of the program is to remind the public of the importance of not depositing pollutants, chemicals, yard waste or debris into stormwater inlets.
The continuation of the program, which is now in its second phase, is also a response to the stringent mandates concerning stormwater treatment and water quality of streams and lakes. These mandates continue to trickle down from the state and federal level to the local level. Last year members of the Phelps County Venture Crew generously adopted the project as one of their environmental projects – donating their time and talent to install 500 drain markers throughout the north side of the City between 10th and 18th Street and along Pine Street and from Bishop Highway to Forum Drive.
With the knowledge and experience they obtained during the first phase of this project, members of the Phelps County Venture Crew 84 will be coordinating the project. They have spent a lot of time learning about non-point source pollution and watersheds and are ready to share what they’ve learned. For all intents and purposes, this is their program and the City will assist with other agencies, organizations and volunteers who are participating on Saturday. A special thanks goes out to all the members of the Venture Crew, including leaders John and Ann Murphy, and member Elizabeth Jackson, who will be in charge of the crew.
Please be aware that all of the volunteers involved in this effort will be working with reflective clothing along city streets and curbs next Saturday, and I would once again like to ask the motoring public to please be watchful and vigilant as you travel through these areas.
There are over 4,300 stormwater inlets located along 100 miles of streets in the City of Rolla, and this second phase of a multi-year program is designed to involve and educate the community regarding the importance of not dumping chemicals, pollutants and yard waste into storm drain inlets. By spreading the Stormwater Inlet Marker program over several years we hope to involve as many students, agencies, community groups and volunteers as possible
The Stormwater Inlet Marker program is collaboration among the City of Rolla, Healthy Yards for Clear Streams and Phelps County Venture Crew. Phase I of the program was so successful that the Non-Point Source Pollution Prevention (319 Mini-Grant) from the Department of Natural Resources was increased to $10,000. If other groups or organizations are interested in volunteering or learning more about how they can participate in this program, please contact Anne McClay at 426-6955 or
Have a safe weekend and a great week ahead!

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