Friday, April 13, 2012

Town Hall Meeting on Heroin Awareness set for April 24

With the recent surge in Heroin use, addiction and Heroin related deaths, the Phelps County Child Advocacy Network, Prevention Consultants of Missouri, and the Rolla Police Department would like to invite all interested community members to attend an important town hall meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, at Rolla Technical Center’s Board Room, to learn just how destructive the use of Heroin can be to an individual, a family, and a community.

The Rolla Police Department estimates 24 deaths in the last 36 months in Phelps County, with hundreds of overdoses and Heroin related arrests since 2010. The Heroin epidemic has arrived in Rolla and in Phelps County. 
According to Jamie Myers, Director of Prevention Consultants of Missouri, “There are bad people bringing a terrible, addicting drug to our community that has already killed several young people."

"This is a problem that demands a response from all parts of our community to intervene and prevent. Parents, schools, churches, law enforcement, health services, neighborhood watch organizations, and employers all have a role in successfully dealing with this problem.”
Please plan to attend this important Town Hall Meeting to learn how you can become more proactive in this battle against one of the most harmful drugs to hit the streets.
Learn how you can protect your child and the children in your life. If you have a loved one who is addicted to Heroin, learn how you can seek treatment. The town hall is open to any interested person at no charge but seating is limited so plan to arrive early.

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