Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Public Works Dept. announces new Snow Removal Policy website

The City of Rolla’s Public Works Department recently developed a new Snow Removal Policy website that provides an extensive overview of the City’s snow removal operations, weather alerts and how to be prepared when the next big snow or ice storm hits our area.
From MoDOT road closings, school cancellation information, and emergency numbers, to AccuWeather alerts, frequently asked questions, snow removal routes/maps, and winter preparedness tips, this website, ( designed by Anne McClay, Project Coordinator, is a virtual one-stop treasure trove of weather related information.
Some of the questions you will see answered on the Snow Removal Website include: “My street has not been plowed yet, but the next street over has. When is the City going to plow my street?” Another question asks: “When the plows went by, they filled my driveway with snow. Is the City going to clear my driveway?”
The City of Rolla began operating under a revised snow removal plan during the winter of 1990, and since that time the plan has been revised on a regular basis. The most current update, November 2011, has become the basis for the implementation of this new “Snow Removal Police” website that is located on the Public Works Department homepage. By providing access to this document, it is hoped that the general public will gain a better understanding of the strategies used to maintain the streets during a winter weather event.

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