Friday, September 16, 2011

City-wide recycling efforts result in big savings for Environmental Services Dept.

The City of Rolla Environmental Services Department reports that during the month of August, 2011, the Sanitation Division collected and hauled a total of 1,266 tons of refuse.  This tonnage represents approximately 181 fully loaded garbage trucks. The cost to dispose of this amount of refuse is $51,400.
The Recycling Division also shipped 260 tons of recyclables during the month of August.  This is approximately equivalent to 37 fully loaded garbage trucks.  The disposal cost avoided by recycling this volume is approximately $10,400.  The revenue received from the sale of these recyclable commodities is $52,900, for a total economic benefit of $63,300 for the month of August. 
Thanks to the residents and businesses that recycle, the entire community benefits from their efforts through disposal cost savings, increased revenue, resource conservation, and an eco-friendly environment.
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