Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Micropaving of City streets to begin

ROLLA – The City of Rolla Public Works Department will begin asphalt micro-surfacing on several City streets beginning Monday, July 21st. The area will include several streets in Wild Horse Run, Country Aire Place, Huntleigh Estates, Lions Club Drive and various streets throughout the city.

This micro surfacing project is being completed by Donelson Construction Company. It is a quick set surfacing system that will provide an approximate one-quarter-inch-thick pavement resurfacing. Micro surfacing is an economical alternative to hot asphalt mix overlays, which typically applies a minimum of two inches of pavement resurfacing.

While this work may take several days to complete, streets that are being sealed may require delays up to thirty minutes. Flagmen will be present to direct traffic, and motorists and pedestrians are urged to remain cautious when traveling through the areas of work and use alternate routes whenever possible.

For more information, please call the Public Works Department at (573) 364-8659.

List of streets to be micropaved:

Name From/To
BARDSLEY RD Twelfth Str to Missouri Ave
BRITT LN Casey Lane to E. curb of Kadison Ct
BRITT LN W. curb of Kadison to Casey Lane
CARRIAGE LN Ironhorse  Dr to 1000' E. of Ironhorse
CASEY LN 100' E. of Britt Ln to Hwy O
CHELSEA LN Dana Renee Dr to Robyn Leann Dr
DANA RENEE DR Rolla Str to 625' E. of Rolla Str
DANA RENEE DR 625' E. of Rolla Str to Thomas Dr
EIGHTEENTH STR Cedar Str to Walnut
EIGHTEENTH INT RR Tracks to E side of Old St James INT
ELEVENTH STR Bishop Ave to Rolla Str
ELLA CT Casey Ln to Britt Ln
ELM STR Ninth Str to Tenth Str
FOURTH STR Rolla Str to Olive Str
FOURTH STR Olive Str to Walnut Str
HUNTLEIGH DR Hwy O to Inverness Ln
INVERNESS LN Huntleigh Dr to Overland Dr
KADISON CT Casey Ln to Britt Ln
LIONS CLUB DR Hwy 63 to Hwy 72
OAK STR Fourteenth Str to Sixteenth Str
OAK STR Sixteenth Str to Bishop Ave
OVERLAND DR Huntleigh Dr to Inverness Ln
PALMER CT Country Ridge Rd to 1042' W. of Country Ridge
PINE STR Twelfth Str to Bishop
RAMSEY PLACE RD Dead End to Lions Club Dr
ROBYN LEANN DR Chelsea Ln to Dead End
SEVENTEENTH STR Oak Str to Walnut Str
SILVERLEAF LN Ramsey Place Rd to 295' E. of Ramsey Place Rd
SIXTEENTH STR Oak Str to Walnut Str
SIXTEENTH STR Pine Str to Oak Str
SOUTHVIEW DR Lions Club Dr to S. of Oak Knoll
TIMBERLANE CT Dead End S. of Silverleaf to Dead End N. of Silverleaf
TIMBERLANE CT Dead End S. of Silverleaf to Dead End N. of Silverleaf
THOMAS DR Traci Dawn to Dana Renee
TRACI DAWN DR 515' E. of Thomas Dr to Thomas Dr
TRACI DAWN DR Chelsea Ln to Dead End
TWELFTH STR Elm Str to RR Tracks
TWELFTH STR Pine Str to Elm Str
TWELFTH STR Rolla Str to Pine Str
WALNUT STR Eighteenth Str to Bishop Ave
WALNUT STR Seventeenth Str to Eighteenth Str
WALNUT STR Sixteenth Str to Seventeenth Str
WINCHESTER DR Newcastle Dr to Rolla Str

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