Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Proposition 'A' Information

Rolla residents will have an opportunity to vote on a one-quarter (1/4) cent parks sales tax effective October 2014 that is projected to produce approximately $950,000 to maintain and improve the entire parks and recreation system.


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What is Prop 'A'?

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Why Prop 'A'?


Anonymous said...

We all know and appreciate the fact that the parks need help. But the problem being that the city fathers were not honest with the citizens of Rolla about the ability of the Centre to recapture 100%, something that scuttlebutt says was known but not publicized from before it was even built. Combine that fact with the refusal of the city to make any meaningful belt tightening at the Centre until after the recent sales tax defeat has pretty much blown the cities credibility on issues of financing at the Centre. More cuts and pricing adjustments could and should be made at the Centre to stem the flow of red ink.

Rob Hribar said...

Response by John Butz:

Thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry you won't be able to support Prop A - a 1/4th cent sales tax to provide critical support for our parks and recreation system. Plenty of rhetoric out there but whether Prop A passes or fails the City will still strive to cover operating costs for the Centre and Splashzone. Those are community amenities much like playgrounds and trails and any reduction in costs or increase in fees affects the quality and accessibility of public services. The City heard loud and clear that the community was not willing to support the 1/2 cent initiative in 2011. Significant cuts have been made and Prop A is half the sales tax w/ an additional reduction in 8 years unless reauthorized by the voters. Ultimately it is citizens who determine the quality and accessibility of our park system. We pledge to provide the best services for the most folks based on those resources.

John Butz, City Admin
City of Rolla
(573) 465-5012

Anonymous said...

It's sad and embarrassing that so many local residents did not support Prop-A. When I moved here eight years ago, the city's parks -- including the Centre -- were a big selling point. Why? Because I want kids and families to have a place to go and things to do rather than always having to pack and leave town for fun. It's not a coincidence that everyone who is against Prop-A has never used the Parks for any of their recreation.