Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Army volunteers construct pavilion at Veterans Memorial Park

The completion of yet another phase of Veterans Memorial Park in Rolla is nearly finished as the final touches are made on the construction of a 61-foot-long by 25-foot-wide pavilion that began in October 2011.
Working for several hours in blistering 100 degree-plus temperatures from June 29 through July 3, 2012 several U.S. Army soldiers from Fort Leonard Wood, and First Sergeant Yale Barkefelt with the 77th Engineer Vertical Company at FLW, volunteered their time and talent to construct the highly noticeable 10-foot-high pavilion that is located on the south side of Veterans Memorial Park on Southview Drive in Rolla. Funding for the materials to construct the pavilion were provided through donations received by the South Central Regional Veterans Group (S.C.R.V.G.).
The project, which was coordinated and managed by Jerry Bumpus, a long-time (The newly constructed pavilion at Veterans Memorial Park, located on Southview Drive in Rolla, Mo., was made possible through the generous donation of funds, equipment, materials, carpentry skills and sweat equity of numerous individuals, U.S. Army soldiers from FLW, members of the S.C.R.V.G., and businesses in South Central Missouri. - Scott Grahl, City of Rolla photo)  Rolla resident, retired First Sergeant with the U.S. Army, and a member of the South Central Regional Veterans Group and The Retired Enlisted Association, began in October 2011 when a concrete slab was first poured for the pavilion. The cost of the concrete was generously funded 100% through donations by Rolla and Phelps County residents. The gravel for the foundation was donated by Capitol Quarry, and Daniels Trucking donated the use of their trucks and equipment to haul and place the gravel. The concrete was also purchased at a significant discount from Rolla Concrete. In addition, the forming and preparation for the concrete pad was completed by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, including Simon Yoakum, Foreman, several Parks and Recreation members and Jerry Bumpus. Several members of Labor’s Local Union #840 poured, leveled and finished the concrete slab at no cost.
When the pavilion is totally finished it will be open to the public, and made available for a nominal rental fee through the City’s Parks and Recreation Department for family gatherings, reunions, BBQs, picnics and special events. It will be especially convenient during inclement weather.
“The construction of the pavilion was made possible by a lot of generous individuals and groups who provided the necessary funds, materials, equipment, talent and sweat equity to get the job done,” said Bumpus. “The community support and collaboration was amazing, and reflects the depth of patriotic spirit and support of U.S. veterans in South Central Missouri.”

For more information or to make a donation to Veterans Memorial Park, please visit www.scrvg.org or contact Susan Hinkle, Treasurer, S.C.R.V.G., at 573-578-2141

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