Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dump no waste, drains to streams

The City of Rolla Public Works Department is asking residents and home owners to refrain from dumping or raking grass clippings, leaves or yard waste into the City’s stormwater inlets, street gutters and local streams.
“Around this time of year, most folks are mowing their lawns and doing lots of yard work,” said Anne McClay, Project Coordinator. “The clippings and yard waste are considered pollutants and should be disposed of properly.”
Folks can add grass clippings, leaves and yard waste to their compost piles; take them to the compost site located at the end of McCutchen Drive (next to the Rolla Recycling Center), or place them in brown paper recyclable bags at the curb for pick up by the City’s Environmental Services Department.
The City, working in partnership with the Phelps County Venture Crew, recently finished a project that involved the placement of 500 red stainless steel markers that read “No Dumping – Drains to Streams”.
“There are 4,200 stormwater inlets located among the over 100 miles of streets in the City of Rolla, and this effort was the first phase of a multi-year program designed to educate the community regarding the importance of not dumping pollutants into storm drain inlets,” said McClay. “They are for stormwater only, and residents should be aware that this type of activity is a violation of city ordinance.”
By alerting folks early and often about the negative side effects of dumping yard waste, McClay hopes to deter this practice over the summer months and into the fall season when lots of leaves are falling.
“We are hoping these educational outreach efforts are heard loud and clear, not only by adults, but also children, so they are raised to understand the importance of doing their part to protect natural resources,” said McClay.
For more information, please contact Anne McClay at 426-6955 or amclay@rollacity.org.

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