Friday, July 22, 2011

Rolla Channel 16 now live streaming 24/7 on the Web

If you happened to miss the airing of the last Rolla City Council meeting or Planning & Zoning meeting, you can now watch them (free downloading) online on the Rolla Channel 16 Website at
Rolla Channel 16, Rolla’s premiere Education and Government channel, is also now live streaming (24/7) at RC16 will live stream all future Rolla City Council meetings, Rolla Planning & Zoning Commission meetings, all future episodes of “City Minutes”, all Rolla Public Schools board meetings, and RHS Review.
Other syndicated content on RC16 such as Missouri Outdoors, Army Newswatch, and Capitol Dialogue will also live stream on RC16 at
For more information regarding programming or DVD duplication of Rolla City Council meetings, Rolla Planning & Zoning meetings, and Rolla Public Schools board meetings, etc., please contact Gabe Mankin, Digital Media Operations Manager, at (573) 426-3377 or at
Be sure to watch Rolla Channel 16 – Education, Government and Community for you!


Ray Schweikhardt said...

I just wonder if they will actively pursue all ballot issues like the old ch 16 did.

Anonymous said...

Right now all I watch on this channel is the council meeting. I found out through one of my girl friends that the city employees have been threatened by the asst. public works director saying that they are forbidden to help anyone (civilian) on the road since they work for the city and helping someone on the roads isn't city business they will get into trouble. That is just ridiculous!