Thursday, October 28, 2010

Police Chief Chat

This past week, the Rolla Police Department handled 662 calls for service. Of these calls there were: 35 arrests, 21 accidents, 32 traffic complaints, 65 traffic stops, 53 follow up investigations, 16 suspicious nature calls, 27 disturbance calls, 14 assists of other agencies, 6 fingerprint requests, 48 911 hang up calls, 13 destructions of property, 5 recovered property calls, 6 escorts, 21 stealing reports and 13 check the well being calls. This call total is down 52 calls from last week. It was a welcome break yet still a busy week!

Last Saturday night we held our 4th Annual Rolla Police Department Golden Shield Award Ceremony where officers, telecommunicators and civilian personnel are recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty in their divisions. The event was held at the Rolla Lion’s Den where employees and their spouses were treated to a wonderful dinner prepared by the Rolla Lions. Immediately following the dinner we enjoyed a video program created by our award’s committee and spearheaded by our own Spo. Frank “Cecil B. Demille” Hawkins! The program included a “Guess Who” segment which featured baby photos of some of our personnel secretly submitted by their families. We were then entertained by the idea of what it would have been like if “Elvis” had been a Rolla Police Officer. This segment showed a fully jump suited Elvis, complete with black hair, chrome sunglasses and sideburns, responding to calls, directing traffic and singing his way through investigations. It was very entertaining.

Finally, we reached our award segment where the following awards were issued to the following recipients: 
  • Best All Around Officer—Officer Chris Reeder
  • Best All Around Dispatcher—Tel. Suzie Vogeler
  • Best All Around Supervisor—Tel. Sup. Stacey Smith
  • Employee Who Always Greets You With A Smile—Sgt. Ken Nakanishi
  • Best All Around Civilian Employee—Admin. Secretary Kerri Shults
  • Employee who has A Positive Impact on the Youth in our Community—Sergeant Wayne Rapier
  • Officer with the Best Abilities to Stay Calm Under Stress—Sgt. John Frey
  • Telecommunicator with the Best Ability to stay Calm Under Stress—Suzie Vogeler
  • Officer Who Demonstrates the Best Officer Safety Skills—Cpl. Adam Meyer
  • Officer with Most Traffic Contacts—Officer Steven Gray
  • Officer with Most Arrest—Officer Leann Robertson
  • Officer with Most Driving While Intoxicated Arrest—Sgt. Kenny Moberly
  • Officer with Most Drug Arrest—Cpl. Adam Meyer
  • Telecommunicator who dispatched the most calls—Tel. Amanda Jones
  • Animal Control Officer who went on the most Animal Calls—Animal Control Manager John Redshaw
We closed out our award segment by issuing the following awards: Certificate of Appreciation: (All VIPS volunteers) Dave Reynolds, Keith Lecroix, Steve Volz, Tony Giacolone, Don Reed, Larry Seest, Keith Peterson, Janessa Martin, Ward Merrell, Joyce Heidecki, Katherine Mattison, Don Rowland, Connie Giacolone, Jeanne Jenks

Letter of Recognition: Sgt. Ken Moberly, Cpl. Derrick Dillon (2), SPO Chrissy Smith, SPO Jason Copeland (3), SPO Frank Hawkins, SPO Jaime Solis, PTO Chris Reeder, PTO Jessie Hoyt, PTO Vince Giacolone, PTO Steve Gray, Reserve Officer J Fleck, Communications Chief Paula Volkmer, Tel. Stacey Smith, Tel. Tony Craft, Tel. Jamie Jones, Tel. Alicia Hill, Tel. Amanda Jones, Tel. Tom Grisham (2), VIPS Dave Reynolds, VIPS Larry Seest

Honorable Service Award: Sgt. Ken Nakanishi, Cpl. Derrick Dillon, Cpl. Adam Meyer, Det. Hank Harper, SPO Jason Copeland, PTO Steve Gray, Tel. Tabitha Stanley

Grand Cordon Award: SSgt. Rick Williams, Sgt. Ken Nakanishi (3), Sgt. John Frey (2), Cpl. Derrick Dillon, Det. Robert Jones (3), Det. Hank Harper (2), Cpl. Adam Meyer (2), SPO Tommy Davis, SPO Josh Campbell, SPO Frank Hawkins (2), SPO Jaime Solis, SPO Leann Robertson, PTO Steve Gray

Exceptional Duty Award: PTO Chris Reeder, Tel. Clint Capps, Tel. Tony Craft, Tel. Susie Vogeler

Meritorious Service Award: Sgt. Jeremy Martens, Cpl. Derrick Dillon, Cpl. Tim Mayfield, SPO Tony Lauth, SPO Ben Tinsley (2), SPO Tommy Davis, SPO Frank Hawkins, SPO Jaime Solis, Tel. Matt Goss, Tel. Susie Vogeler, Tel. Tom Grisham.

Judge Joanne Mayberry Award: Spo. Josh Campbell

Mayor’s Award: VIPS Director Vince Giacolone

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters, without whom this event would not be possible. They are: Behind the Badge Organization, Rolla Lion’s Club,
Merle’s Music, Honorable Judge Joanne Mayberry, Rolla Mayor Bill Jenks, Joyce Williams, Lynne Reed, Charlene Mumma, Delinda Girardi, Stevie Kearse, Aimee Campbell, Carolyn Peplow, the 2010 Award’s Committee and special thanks to Spo. Frank Hawkins! Great job to all!

Last week the Rolla Police Department held the annual Physical Fitness Testing for all commissioned police officers. This test is mandatory for the officers but also open to any RPD employees who wish to participate. The test includes sit-ups, push-ups, sit and reach and a 1 ½ mile run. The passing score for the test is 70% overall for all events. Lt. Doug James and Detective Hank Harper are the department’s certified fitness instructors. They received their training through the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. Recently the police department began to include the physical fitness test in our hiring process. We feel that the test will enhance our abilities to hire the best candidates for our police officer positions. This decision was based on the inherent physical dangers that sometimes accompany this position.

In closing, I wanted to pass on a brief story told to me by Mayor Jenks who had received a call from the father of a teenage driver who had been stopped by one of our officers for speeding and not wearing a seatbelt. The officer issued the driver a summons for the seatbelt violation, and released him with a warning on the speeding. The father told Mayor Jenks that his son was then involved in a single car crash where his vehicle rolled several times and was totally destroyed. The son had been wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash and escaped death and serious injury. The father credits the Rolla Police officer for saving his son's life by issuing him a ticket for the previous seatbelt violation. Please remember "Click it or Ticket!"

Have a great week!

Chief Mark Kearse

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