Monday, August 3, 2009

Projects are moving forward in Rolla area

Last week I mentioned the tremendous progress being made with the renovations at the old Benton Grade School that will soon become the home of Benton Square. And how these improvements, coupled with the enhancements being made to other structures in the area, will eventually culminate in the creation of a new arts and entertainment district that will help make Rolla a destination City.

From an economic development standpoint, in investment, jobs, and the revitalization of this area, this is welcomed news. Continued investment in this area, along with the revitalization of several large buildings in Rolla’s downtown business district, have already made a big impact on the visual appearance of these areas, and will provide a catalyst for other businesses, restaurants, and shops to relocate to Rolla’s city center.

The planning, research and discussion regarding the future revitalization of Rolla’s Downtown Business District by the Rolla Downtown Business Association, City of Rolla Community Development Department, Meramec Regional Planning Commission, and Engineering Management students at the Missouri University of Science and Technology has also been very beneficial.

Many community and public meetings hosted by the Rolla Downtown Business Association and the City of Rolla have been very well attended by business owners, merchants, County Commissioners, City officials, Rolla Chamber of Commerce officials and community leaders. The interest and support for the revitalization of Rolla’s downtown business district, and the realization of a new arts and entertainment district is gaining much momentum with the potential for many future growth areas in both the arts and entertainment district and the downtown business district. All of this revitalization at a time when other cities and communities are stagnating or experiencing very slow growth and development is encouraging.

Other growth areas in the City of Rolla include the new $35 million St. John’s Medical Facility being constructed on Martin Springs Outer Road; and the improvements made at the intersection of Missouri Hwy. 72 and State Route 63, including Bishop Commons and the new Walgreens store.

Many positive projects, relationships and collaborative partnerships, both in the private and public sectors, are fostering the kinds of proactive developments we are continuing to see in many sectors of our community. It is my hope and belief that despite the challenging economic times our state and country are facing, that Rolla will continue to emerge as a stronger, more vital and vibrant community.

In closing, I’d like to invite you to attend and participate in the City Council budget workshops scheduled for Monday, Aug. 24; Wednesday, Aug. 26 and Thursday, Aug. 27 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 901 N. Elm Street. These annual budget workshops are open to the public, and will give you an opportunity to see first-hand the City’s proposed annual budget for the 2009-2010 budget year.

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Anonymous said...

So the meeting aug 11th was not mentioned
home owners near the benton school got letters 2 weeks ago
we more than likely will be bought out..
what does anyone know about this?